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Hello! We're Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota, the authors of BARBAROUS! You may know our work from Lucky Penny, Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us, Wander: A Johnny Wander Travelogue Collection, CUTTINGS, Offhand, or any of the many kickstarters, freelance or published work we've done in our 10+ years in comics. You can read many of our works for free at

The Reuben award-winning series returns! BARBAROUS is back with a Kickstarter for the Chapter 4 book! You can also pick up the first three books if you missed them, along with some other rewards!

In another life, Persephone Mori was the top of her class at the Academy, the branch of ALMIA responsible for training young minds in the practice of magic. That was then. Now, she's assistant to Leeds, the beastly superintendent of an apartment building, and she likes that her new job keeps her busy enough to forget that she's a wizard college dropout. Well... usually. 

Lately, Leeds has been preoccupied with her connection to the Academy, putting their budding friendship at a simmer. Percy's trying to keep her cool, but she's no saint, and it's only a matter of time before things between them get explosive. 

BARBAROUS has magic, drama, pasts shrouded in mystery, and more drama! Can Percy make a place for herself? Will Leeds make room for her? They could probably relate, if they could just chill for a minute... 

Barbarous Chapter 4 Cover!


Barbarous is serialized online – you can read it all here. It’s about to end the 5th chapter of the story, and things are getting serious! This campaign is to raise funds for a Chapter 4 Leeds-sized Edition, to complement the previously released Chapter 1-3 Leeds-sized Editions (and which you can also pick up as a part of this campaign)! These are printed at a larger trim of 9 x 11.5", as a nod towards the style of french albums. The book will be 48 pages long.

Barbarous Chapters 1 & 2 Leeds-Sized Editions
Spot gloss treatment on covers

Available Rewards:

$20USD + Shipping

Chapter 4 Leeds-Sized Edition

Chapter 4 Leeds-Sized edition and Chapter 4 PDF.


  • Chapter 4 (PDF)
  • Chapter 4 - Leeds-Sized Edition (Physical)
$35USD + Shipping

Chapter 4 Leeds-Sized & Extras

Chapter 4 Leeds-Sized Edition, Print Set, Sticker Sheet, Signed Bookplate & more!


  • Chapter 4 (PDF)
  • Chapter 4 - Leeds-Sized Edition (Physical)
  • Print Set
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Signed Bookplate
$10USD + Shipping

Chapter 4 - PDF

A PDF of Barbarous Chapter 4!


  • Chapter 4 (PDF)

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